Treating yourself to a new bed frame is a quick and easy way to change the entire look and feel of your bedroom. Whether you want a bed frame that is fit for royalty or you prefer a more understated and subtle bed frame, we have a range of bed frames in styles to suit every need. Take a look at our extensive collection now.

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Your bed represents not only the space where you sleep, but it’s the ultimate luxury in your home. It’s the perfect spot to read, nap, watch movies or catch up on the latest podcast. A tasteful bed frame is a quick and easy way to take your bed from good to sanctuary. Our selection of bed frames is designed to provide the ultimate luxury in a style that suits your decor and tastes perfectly. Hallams Home stock a huge variety of styles, colours, materials and tones, so that you can find the perfect frame to fit into your dream bedroom decor.

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Investing in new beds & mattresses can feel like a huge expense. But, it doesn’t have to be. Hallams Home takes pride in the ability to offer our clients top-quality beds Australia-based locals love, at a more than reasonable price. You can take your pick of an extensive variety of bed frames without having to worry about falling in love with a frame that will be beyond your budget. Choose from classic and modern bed frames, extendable bed frames, bunk beds or even gas lift frames. For a good night’s sleep, we can help.