Gone are the days when the fireplace was the centre point of the home. In the modern age, the TV and entertainment area is now the new age hearth of the home. With so many of us living to have that at-home cinema experience, having the right furniture is essential. The humble TV stand or entertainment unit has skyrocketed in importance, becoming more than simply a stand for your TV.

Providing your TV with a stylish spot to sit that’s worthy of your space is essential to ensure that you are making the most of your space. While the TV is often the focal point, don’t waste an opportunity to draw attention to your TV stand that illustrates your stylistic tastes and excellent furniture choices.

With so many TV stand options available, you will be able to find an entertainment unit that will fit into your decor perfectly. Hallams Home offers everything from sleek and modern entertainment stands to neutral, contemporary or bold entertainment units that Australian households will love.

More than just a TV stand

Not only does a great entertainment centre support your beloved TV, but it has also become a storage and organisation solution that can take your lounge from good to amazing. With cupboards and shelves designed to store your games consoles, video games and movies, you can also up your viewing experience by supporting a surround sound system as well.

Pick an Entertainment Unit That Suits Your Needs

Our entertainment units and TV stands are designed with functionality in mind. We have entertainment centres that can help you keep your entertainment space clean and organised while looking trendy and sleek. With options that include different TV stand sizes, cupboards, shelves and even bookcases, you’re sure to find a piece of furniture that will suit your needs perfectly.

Whether you are placing your TV stand in your living room, bedroom or at home theatre, our entertainment wall units will help to keep your space organised and stylish.